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Castrol BIOTRANS QB (20 ltr) - 3369084

  • Castrol

High foaming biodegradable detergent for removing dirt, traffic haze, oil and grease from all vehicles.

May be used for washing boats and motorcycles.

$183.94 incl GST

Castrol MOP S NATURAL ABSORBENT (30 ltr) - 3343275

  • Castrol

MOPS S is an effective oil and liquid absorbent based on a granular inert diatomaceous earth sourced in Australia.

It is safe, hygienic, handy and has many applications.

Industry uses include absorption requirement in garages, workshops, tanneries, packaging, oil/paint stores, lift wells, mastic floors. Can also be used in pattern making and floor ash trays.

Domestic uses include pet trays, oil drip trays, organic gardens, snail deterrent, potting, laundry, garbage bin, cellars and aquariums.

$114.94 incl GST

Castrol MULTI-PURPOSE DEGREASER (20 ltr) - 4105342

  • Castrol

Castrol Multi Purpose Degreaser is a multipurpose solvent based degreaser containing biodegradable emulsifiers.

Castrol Multi Purpose Degreaser is suitable for a wide variety of applications and can be applied by brush, spray or in an immersion tank.

Castrol Multi Purpose Degreaser gives excellent results by dissolving grease and oil deposits before being flushed away with water as a water-oil emulsion.

Castrol Multi Purpose Degreaser is applicable for the degreasing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, wood, ceramics and concrete.

Castrol Multi Purpose Degreaser is ideal for cleaning engines, machines, workshop floors, and automotive components.

$218.44 incl GST