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Castrol CUTTER BAR & CHAIN LUBE (20 ltr) - 3374803

  • Castrol

Castrol Cutter Bar and Chain Lube is a non-drip product for use in chainsaw bar/chain lubrication. Cutterbar and Chain Lube may also be used on a variety of chain applications that require an oil which will adhere to the chain surface.

It is designed to provide optimum protection and lubrication of chainsaw bars and chains. Its balanced formulation contains a tackiness additive which minimises oil loss due to throwoff. This results in both reduced wear and lower oil usage.

$126.44 incl GST

Castrol GARDEN 2T (20 ltr) - 3379989

  • Castrol


Castrol Garden 2T is an advanced high quality 2-stroke engine oil specially designed to give good anti-wear and antiseizure properties for use in lawn mowers, chain saws and other garden machinery.

Castrol Garden 2T is suitable for all 2T garden equipment and for use in pre-mix and oil injection systems with unleaded petrol. Depending on the engine manufacturers recommendation, Castrol Garden 2T can be used up to an oil/fuel ratio of 50:1.

Note: Some engine manufacturers recommend a different oil/fuel ratio when using a genuine two stroke oil.

Available in pack multiples of six only.

$218.44 incl GST