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12" Grease Gun Hose - MI-PFGHC12B

Grease Gun Accessories

$13.95 excl GST

18" Grease Gun Hose - MI-PFGHC18B

Grease Gun Accessories

$15.95 excl GST

Air Operated Trigger Grease Gun - B5907

Air Operated Trigger Grease Gun.

Accepts standard 1/8"BSP nozzle.

Special model designed to accept 16oz (450g) Australian / NZ standard size cartridges or bulk grease

Develops up to 9000 p.s.i. with 30 to 40 p.s.i. supply.

Single shot trigger action.

Latest plastic cartridges or bulk grease can be loaded without reversing plunger.

Spare parts available.

$80.31 excl GST

Flexible Tube 12" Grease Gun - B818

Grease Gun Flexible Tube.

30 cm Long.

$11.33 excl GST

Flexible Tube 18" Grease Gun - B2972

Grease Gun Flexible Tube.

45 cm Long.

1/8" B.S.P.

$12.02 excl GST

Grease Gun - Lever Type 400gm - MI-PFG1RB

Grease Guns

$62.95 excl GST