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Flange Yokes

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Clutch Flange Yoke (7/W230 Series) - AB79193

Clutch Flange Yoke.

30.22mm x 106.5mm x 125mm (approx.) 7/W230 Series Shaft.

Fits HOWARD with rectangular bar shaft and 7 Series BYPY triangle tube shaft.

IMPORTANT: A723 Uni-Cross must be used with this Yoke 0.0015" (.04mm) smaller diameter than A700 Uni-Cross.

$152.50 excl GST

Clutch Flange Yoke (8/W240 Series) - AB89193

Clutch Flange Yoke.

35mm x 106.5mm x 125mm (approx.) 8/W240 Series Shaft.

Fits HOWARD with large 8 Series BYPY triangle tube shaft.

You may wish to also order A824 Uni-cross.

$259.94 excl GST

Flange Yoke (2/W200 Series) - A220900

Flange Yoke.

Shaft Series:

1140 Series (23.6mm x61mm x67.5mm approx.),

W200 + W2200 Series (23.8mm x61mm x68mm approx.),

2 (23.8mm x61mm x68mm approx.).

$90.11 excl GST

Flange Yoke (4/W210 Series) - A421900

Flange Yoke.

Shaft Series:

4 (27mm x 74.6mm x 83mm approx.)

1300 Series (27mm x74.6mm x81mm approx.),

4AG (27mm x74.6mm x83mm approx. inside circlips).

W210 + W2300 Series (27mm x74.6mm x83mm approx.).

$105.31 excl GST

Flange Yoke (6/W220 Series) - A622900

Flange Yoke.

Shaft Series:

6 (30.22mm x92mm x101mm approx.),

1350 Series (30.2mm x92mm x98.5mm approx.),

7AG (30.22mm x92mm x101mm approx. outside circlips).

W220 (30.18mm x92mm x101mm approx.),

$127.97 excl GST