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Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CK-4/E9 (20 ltr) - 3419919

Castrol VECTON® 15W-40 CK-4/E9 is an advanced mineral heavy duty diesel engine oil that is specifically engineered to deliver longer useful oil life. It is suitable for use in high speed 4-stroke diesel engines that use a broad range of fuel qualities. It is also compatible with diesels engines fitted with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems.

Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CK-4/E9 is suitable with biodiesel per OEM recommendations.

New Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CK-4/E9 with unique System Pro Technology™ is an advanced heavy duty engine oil. Conforming to the requirements of PC-11 engine oil technology, it can be used in diesel engines where API CK-4 or, CJ-4 and below is required. Specifically engineered to deliver longer oil life, enabling longer service intervals even under severe operating conditions.

New technology developments in diesel engines have led to lower emissions in heavy duty vehicles. These technology advances result in increasing levels of torque within the engine, leading to higher pressures and temperatures. Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CK-4/E9 with unique System Pro Technology™ adapts to increased pressure and temperature with its strong shear stability and proven oxidation performance, extending useful life of the oil for longer service intervals and higher productivity.

Oil drain intervals vary based on factors such as engine type, duty cycle and fuel burn. Consult service manuals for recommended oil drain intervals. Extended drains may be possible if done in conjunction with Castrol�s Used Oil Analysis (UOA) program and in consultation with Castrol�s Technical Services team.

All Castrol Vecton products are certified CO2 neutral according to the internationally applicable PAS2060 standard.

When choosing oil, please refer to your owner�s handbook and the product specifications shown below. May also be suitable for other vehicles.

Suitable for: Castrol
Part Number: 3419919
Vendor: Castrol
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Castrol VECTON 15W-40 CK-4/E9 with System Pro Technology™ delivers up to 45% extra performance reserve (Compared to API and ACEA industry requirements and based on tests conducted on 81% of the Castrol VECTON range by volume using 12 months sales up to March 2017) that fights oil breakdown and also adapts to higher temperatures for longer useful oil life, giving you confidence in your maximum drain interval.

Modern trucks use new technologies resulting in different torq requirements which means higher engine temperatures and pressures. This punishes the oil, pushing it closer to breakdown, and reducing its useful life and ability to extend drain intervals. Castrol VECTON's System Pro Technology™ has an extra performance reserve that fights oil breakdown by:

  • Combating oxidation and deposits
  • Neutralizing harmful acids
  • Controlling oil aeration
  • Also adapting to increased temperatures while resisting viscosity loss through shear.

All of this means longer useful oil life, giving you the confidence in your maximum drain interval.


  • SAE 15W-40
  • API CK-4
  • ACEA E9
  • JASO DH-2
  • CAT ECF-3
  • Cummins CES 20086
  • DDC DFS 93K222
  • Deutz DQC III-10LA
  • Mack EOS-4.5
  • MB-Approval 228.31
  • MTU Oil Category 2.1
  • RVI RLD-4
  • Volvo VDS-4.5


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