Nationwide New Zealand Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Find a Product

    • How do I find the part I need?

      Parts direct provides a number of easy ways to find the item you need.

      Search by model number

      Want to know what’s in store for your model of tractor or machinery? Simply enter your model number in the search field

      Parts Direct then returns all items in store relating to your model. Easy and simple but it gets even easier!

      Want to find the actual part you need? Drill down further by using the category listings found on the left hand side of the resulting screen.

      Search by Parts Number

      Simple, enter your part number in the search field to see if it’s in store.

      Search by Category

      Product categories are easily navigated and are located via the drop down options along the top of the home page.

      Simply hover over the high level category of interest and sub categories automatically appear. Once found simply click on the category of interest to show all the available items within that category.

      Search by Brand

      You have the ability to drill down further on your home page category selection by using the “Show product to suit” option on the left hand side of the resulting page.

      Want a higher level result? Simply use the “Suitable For” option found on the home page.

  • Shipping

    • Does Parts Direct ship nationwide?

      Yes. Parts Direct delivers throughout New Zealand.

    • Will I be charged Freight?

      Yes. But only on orders under $50.00.

    • Does Parts Direct ship overseas?

      No. Parts Direct only ships within New Zealand.

    • How do I know if my order has been received processed or shipped?

      Parts Direct provides you with email order receipt confirmation and shipping confirmation once your order has been dispatched.

    • When will I receive my order?

      Most orders are dispatched on the same day. If courier restrictions and delivery location allows orders are delivered the following day. For further information refer to our shipping and returns policy

  • Payment

    • How do I pay?

      Parts Direct provides a secure, easy to use credit card payment facility within the order confirmation process.

  • Warranty & Returns

    • What if the item I have ordered is received in faulty condition or I decide I don’t need what I’ve ordered, can I return it and will I receive a credit?

      For complete customer satisfaction should you be dissatisfied with your order for any reason Parts Direct maintains a refund and exchange policy. For more details refer to our shipping and returns policy