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Blade Fuse Assortment Pack (18 Piece) - KR-KRBLADEFUSESP018

Pack contains the following fuses:

  • 2x 3A Standard Blade Fuse (Violet),

  • 2x 5A Standard Blade Fuse (Brown),

  • 2x 7.5A Standard Blade Fuse (Brown),

  • 2x 10A Standard Blade Fuse (Red),

  • 2x 15A Standard Blade Fuse (Blue),

  • 2x 20A Standard Blade Fuse (Yellow),

  • 2x 25A Standard Blade Fuse (White),

  • 2x 30A Standard Blade Fuse (Green),

  • 2x 40A Standard Blade Fuse (Orange),

$10.29 incl GST

Ceramic Fuse Holder - KR-KRSI1050000P001

In line fuse holder for porcelain / ceramic fuses.

  • Fuse holder with bayonet coupling

  • With screw connection

  • To DIN 72581

$5.18 incl GST

Ceramic Fuse Pack - 16A (6 Piece) - KR-KRSI12016P006

Ceramic Torpedo Fuse.

Colour: Red

Ampere: 16 A

Max Voltage: 36 V

Length: 25mm

$4.02 incl GST

Ceramic Fuse Pack - 25A (6 Piece) - KR-KRSI12025P006

Ceramic Torpedo Fuse.

Colour: Blue

Ampere: 25 A

Max Voltage: 36 V

Length: 25mm

$4.02 incl GST

Ceramic Fuse Pack - 8A (6 Piece) - KR-KRSI12008P006

Ceramic Torpedo Fuse.

Colour: White

Ampere: 8 A

Max Voltage: 36 V

Length: 25mm

$4.02 incl GST

Inline Blade Fuse Holder - Waterproof - 30A - KR-KRLFHA2CP001

In line waterproof fuse holder for standard blade fuses.

Operating Current: 30 A

$10.92 incl GST