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Spike Tooth (Tungsten) - MG-PM28100474

In some cases only a special tool can guarantee a job well done.

Maschio offers a variety of tines and blades for specific applications in harsh soils. For instance, in case of compact land with a lot of clods, our special Cobra and Condor blades will ensure an amazing refining result. The aggressive profile of the blades combined with the structure of the rotor give the implement a high resistance against impacts, absorbing the toughest shocks, whilst managing the right flow of material.

The value of hard-wearing parts have no comparison.

The user will surely enjoy the benefits of tungsten coated blades and tines. A special treatment which consists on the application of a coating of high strength tungsten that will extend the life of the blade or tine and bring the user to significantly reduce the frequency of replacement of his blades or tines. The tungsten coating will also help to reduce the wear when working on stony soils.

Suitable for: Maschio
Part Number: MG-PM28100474
OEM part number: PM28100474, PM28100474R,
$37.89 incl GST
$22.94 incl GST

Suitable For


  • SC CONDOR Series, 230, 250, 280, 300,