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Tri Spoke Gauge Wheel 115x400mm (4.5X16") - MI-SM1076

Seed Drill Press & Depth Wheels.

Great quality alternative option to OEM option. The Tri Spoke design stops dirt building up between the wheel and disc.

Suitable for: Gaspardo , John Deere
Part Number: MI-SM1076
OEM part number: 5321330, 06120089, 56345115, 15325270, A5321330, 5321330R, 06120089R, 56345115R, 15325270R, A5321330R, M5321330, M06120089, M56345115, M15325270, MA5321330, G5321330, G06120089, G56345115, G15325270, GA5321330, M5321330R, M06120089R, M56345115R, M15325270R, MA5321330R, G5321330R, G06120089R, G56345115R, G15325270R, GA5321330R, SM1016, SM1076,
$229.94 incl GST

Suitable For


  • Various Gaspardo models

John Deere

  • Various John Deere models